Feltman Hot Dogs are the Best Hot Dogs We’ve Ever Had

Coney Island is known for a certain famous hot dog but there is another lesser-known hot dog that deserves at least the same fame. Feltman’s of Coney Island claims it is the original hot dog created by Charles Feltman in 1867. Nathan Handwerker worked for Feltman until he decided to start his own “famous” hot dogs. The original Feltman’s closed in 1954 and in 2015 Michael Quinn, Coney Island Historian, resurrected the original Feltman’s hot dog.

Feltman’s hot dogs in my humble opinion are the best hot dogs I have ever eaten. My daughter hates hot dogs, tried these, and then proceeded to tell me we needed to order a large quantity of them. A little history about me, I grew up in Brooklyn in the late ’80s about a mile from Coney Island. At that time the only hot dog was made by Nathan Handwerker and it is a really good hot dog. Feltman’s are an artisan hot dog. They come in two varieties, original casing and skinless. I know this might sound weird but these hot dogs taste like meat. They are 100% all-natural beef with no fillers. They have a great crunch and texture and are not oily. These hot dogs are seasoned well and have a good smoky flavor.

Hot dogs, in general, are not considered a healthy choice but we all eat them. They are a summer staple. Feltman’s hot dogs are much healthier than the average hot dog. They are nitrate-free and have way less sodium than the average dog.

So they taste amazing and are healthy compared to other hot dogs. Best part- you can have them delivered! Order their mustard too which is made with apple cider vinegar and complements the hot dogs perfectly.

Are they the best we’ve ever had?

Well after this package we legitimately ordered again.

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