New Olaf Song – I’m With You – Will Make Your Heart Ache

Who among us doesn’t love Olaf? Josh Gad basically imbued his adorable personality into a character that fits both adults and children alike.   He’s child like but also has these jokes that work on both levels. I for one loved the line “I’ve been impaled”.  If the kid is old enough to know what it means… anyway.

They started recording songs at home and this song “I Am With You” is completely heart breaking.  They start it off with Olaf not only alone but looking over the empty village. Any child who is stuck in quarantine has seen a similar scene.  They then intersperse various scenes from other Disney movies of parenting.

Not only is it an adorable song, it’s heart wrenching as it’s done just so well. Josh Gad’s performance is amazing and he just brings it to another level.  I’m hoping they keep doing this “At Home” series of shorts because it’s completely amazing to watch. Original  Frozen composers Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez wrote the song and did the music at home and then Josh was put to work from his home.

If you have the ability to watch this and not feel emotional, then I don’t know what’s wrong with you! Now it’s announced that Frozen on Broadway has closed and with that one Broadway closing I needed something to mend my broken heart.



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