Fertility Bracelet by Everlur

Want to be supportive of someone going through a difficult time conceiving?

This beautiful fertility bracelet by Everlur is a great gift for the ones you love.   When you put positive vibes into the universe, wonderful things will happen.  If someone wants to get pregnant, it is perfect.  

The beads are 100 percent all-natural, high-quality crystal beads.  The bracelet feels light,  easy to wear with a stretchable band, and fits great.  It’s fashionable and easy to wear every day.  It’s a neutral white, including a few beads with tints of color, and gold beads in between.

The shop offers a great selection of bracelets for various intentions.

The bracelets come with an activation prayer, instructions,  affirmation, stone properties, and a velvet pouch included.    All of the bracelets come with the tools and resources you need to get started using your crystals to manifest your intentions.  You have the power to manifest anything you desire without limitations.

Every bracelet is handmade in Scottsdale, Arizona when you place your order.  The company is made up of a small team of local women.