Bomb Pops and Nerds Combined Into One Ice Pop

nerd bomb pop

In a simultaneous crash of childhood 1980s to ’90s dreams, Bomb Pop and Nerds have come together to make a Bomb Pop Nerds flavored ice pop.

“Just like there are multiple flavors in every Bomb Pop, each Bomb Pop fan has a multitude of diverse passions,” said Ryan Roznowski, Senior Brand Manager of Bomb Pop. “We aim to celebrate that – being ‘Not One Thing’ – every time we breathe life into a new Bomb Pop. We’re constantly inspired by our multidimensional fans, and that inspiration leads to magical things like our new Bomb Pop NERDS.”

It has the flavors of strawberry, watermelon, and grape Nerds all packed into one ice pop.

If, when growing up, you loved eating Nerds, you probably also loved the taste of the Bomb Pop. Whenever I saw the ice cream truck come around, the Bomb Pop was my go-to childhood fantasy. Of course, when this came in, I had to try it.

It’s basically a sugar rush like I haven’t had since I was a teenage girl. This is definitely a product for bringing back childhood memories and fantasies of years gone by. Basically, it tastes precisely like my teenage years wrapped up into a popsicle stick.

This is not for the faint of heart, but a complete collision of sugar mixed with memories of waiting for the ice cream truck on a street corner in Brooklyn.

It’s sweet and completely reminiscent of the taste of Nerds. This is not the kind of snack you give the kids multiple times a day, but once a week at best. This is for when you want to give them their week’s worth of sugar.