Filtr-Grip Gripper – Tool to help remove HVAC filters from furnaces or AC units

image of the Filtr-Grip Gripper

Do you need to get your filter out of your furnace or AC unit but it is not budging? It is hard to grab onto filters that come out of the side or the back of appliances. Is there a tool to help remove the filter from a furnace? Here is the solution! The Filtr-Grip Gripper is the perfect tool for the job!

Just squeeze the handles, insert the jaws in the slot of the AC unit or furnace, let go and pull the filter out without any hassle! It’s just that simple! The flat jaws of the Filtr-Grip Gripper fit perfectly in those tight spaces where pliers do not. And they do not tear the flimsy filter frame apart like knives or other tools would do.

Filtr-Grip Gripper is made out of polished steel with a nickel coating. It will not bend, break, or rust! The handles have an anti-slip vinyl cover and are ergonomic. I love their bright and unique color, which makes the Filt-Grip Gripper stand out in the toolbox. The spring between the handles is stiff so the jaws will not let go of the filter! But, not too stiff that you would need superhuman strength to push it open.

The oversized jaws have the perfect surface area to grip the filter and pull it out. With more than two inches of insertion depth, even deformed filters can be easily pulled out.

Filtr-Grip is based in Virginia and offers free ground shipping within the lower 48 United States.

You can get this filter gripper for only $14.99 on Amazon!