Nutty Buddy Cereal from Little Debbie and Kellogg’s

nutty buddy

Whenever I cover some of these new products, I have to think that what makes them stand out also is the fact of how crazy they are. This is Nutty Buddy Cereal, from Little Debbie and Kellogg’s. What makes this one crazy is you don’t often think of Little Debbie as part of a nutritious breakfast.

But that, in a way, is the curse of nostalgia. It’s not as if we grew up with organic foods and the such, like this generation. We grew up with foods that made us smile, but were not exactly healthy for us. In this case, it’s a doubling down in terms of that emotional component. I would have such wonderful memories of Little Debbie and it would be the candy that would just make me smile, and I would eat more than I really should have.

This particular combo is peanut butter and chocolate. To be clear, this is not what one should eat just before a marathon, or what one should eat before a big workout. This is what I would eat after either a breakup, a boyfriend traveling far away, or a puppy dying. It’s a comfort breakfast food. In fact, I would dare say maybe you should have a regular healthy breakfast and use this as that snack late at night.

Could you imagine pouring a Little Debbie breakfast cereal all over your ice cream? Late at night pounding down a pint of Häagen-Dazs with a Little Debbie breakfast cereal as a garnish? Okay, now I’m inspired.


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