The First Years: Disney Collection

My co-worker is having a baby and I am so excited to have the latest and greatest from The First Years: The Disney Collection to help her start her journey as a mother!

So for fun in the tub she is sure to love their new Disney/Pixar Finding Nemo Bath Squirt Toys.  ($6.99) These are your favorite characters like Nemo and Dory and you can fill them with water for squirting and splashing fun!  I also have this great super soft terry cloth mickey that can be played with wet and dry; pretty much anywhere!

For the icky sticky “Potty Training” period that no one wants to talk about: I gave her the gift of 3 in 1!  This is a super cute Disney Baby potty/trainer seat/step stool. ($24.99)  This product is adorably decorated “everything Mickey” and super cheery colored.  The base is a great step stool for washing hands or brushing teeth.  The potty itself is a great motivator for the training period and then your little one can graduate to removing the seat with handles onto the family potty!  You will really get your money’s worth on this one!

The Disney Collection also has awesome sippy cup options.  What if I told you I have a cup that is completely “spill proof” and “spoutless”.  ($7.99) This cup features adorable Mickey (Minnie also available!) and the top is like a “big girl/big boy” cup.  Your toddler can drink from any spot on the top and all the while totally spill-proof.  You never have to worry about car rides again!  Where the heck was this when I had a toddler?  Also available for the toddler who can handle a straw is their Mickey Mouse Cup With Handles.  ($4.99) This is super cute (Mickey/Minnie shaped) with perfect sized straw and great handles for someone transitioning to a straw cup.   I adore how cute each and every one of their feeding items are!

I made the cutest baby shower basket featuring such quality and great items in the world of potty, feeding and bath time.  Love Mickey and love these super fantastic baby items!

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