Van Der Hagen Shave Sets

Ladies: I am super organized and as such I am getting ready for all holidays coming up in the Spring.  I know…it is a bit nuts but it is the way I roll.  That being said, I am loving the shave products from van der Hagen.  This is real shaving : the mug, the brush (the whole 9 yards).  The bristles of the brush are stiff, yet massage the skin and help give the man in your life a close shave without any kin of irritation!  Super easy; lather up the soap in the mug and go from there.  I love the quality of these products; so many to choose from and just being sent this one set to try has spurred my purchasing other items after just one week!  They have all kinds of replacement bar soaps to choose from and plenty of fun gift sets to go around.  Price points range perfectly so no matter what your budget you do not have to sacrifice a quality shave!  I tried out the Boar Shave Set here in our house; a perfect 100% in my reviewer opinion!

Side note: they have an amazing recycling program for your used blades that actually rewards you with new blades!  Please check them out now; take a page out of my book and shop early and be organized.

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