Flower Fix Saved My Monday!

I was not having the greatest day today, I will be honest.  Just your typical Monday blues; not quite ready to go back to work and kind of tired from the weekend.  I was barely making it to mid-day when I got this great text message telling me that flowers were waiting for me to check out after work.  That I would get treated to a beautiful bouquet of flowers and get to tell you all about it!  Day changer for sure!

FlowerFix offers this awesome subscription service – you can set up for weekly, monthly – whatever you wish!  The days of forgetting an occasion can truly be a thing of the past!  Your recipient gets beautiful and big hand designed arrangements and you get all the credit!  I am sitting here and cannot stop staring at the quality.  Their Love Bug White and Peach Flower Bouquet really is stunning.  This is an overflowing mix of peach and white roses meets white anemones with beautiful white/pink flowers added in.  The cost is $75.00 and absolutely worth it when you see what arrives.

Subscription options include DIY floral box, floral arrangements, rose and wreath subscriptions.  You can even prepay months in advance – 3/6/12 months.  Shopping for Valentine’s Day – they make it super easy with a special online shop you can browse and pick out something beautiful!

I want to say one more time; these flowers made this girls day – turned my frown upside down.  They are gorgeous, smell delicious and were a true treat!