The bObsweep Robot Vacuum is on Sale – $800 Off!

The bObsweep Robot Vacuum is on sale at Best Buy and it’s crazy stupid cheap. Literally $700 off.  Yes, you read that right.

It was $899 and it’s now $199.

Now, if you were thinking about ever buying a robot vacuum this would be the time.  It’s rated at least four stars, so compared to the old standard Roomba, it’s not a bad deal.

It has a 75 minute battery, and is a pretty smart vacuum and honestly for $199 it’s probably cheaper than fixing your 10 year old Roomba if you have one.  I mean if your old Roomba was broken, it would probably cost nearly as much to fix and I’d rather just a brand new clean one.  My friend had to replace their batteries alone and it was almost $50 so this really is an insane deal of the day.

It comes in red and charcoal too but I love that Best Buy has a really nifty drive up feature so you can even get it the same day. Like at this moment, you can drive to your nearest Best Buy and feel the joy of having a robotic vaccum. What more do you want out of life?

Check it out here it’s the best deal I’ve seen all day.

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