FluffCo – Hotel Pillows for Home

Who doesn’t need a good night’s sleep? Besides a good mattress, an excellent pillow goes a long way. If you have ever had the privilege of staying at a five-star hotel, you know that the bedding is top-notch. FluffCo’s mission is to replicate or surpass that 5-star feeling. They are earnest about this and will ask you questions to see your best pillow fit. A 30-night trial is provided to make sure you are happy.


FluffCo allows you to have that great night’s sleep, which we know is crucial for our health and stress recovery, as well as maybe reminding you of that great vacation you took way back when…


The pillows come in down and feather and down alternative for those allergic to feathers. The pillows have a dual construction of feathers or alternative surrounded by down. Both pillows come in queen and king sizes and “Firn Fluff” and “Soft Fluff”. The quiz pointed me to the Firm Fluff as I am a side sleeper. The fabric is cotton and Tencel (type of rayon), which provided breathability and cooling, which is necessary for me!


You can get the whole hotel experience by bringing their duvets and bathroom linens such as robes and towels into your home.