Staples Brings Great Back To School Items

I know we don’t want to admit it yet but back to school is coming whether we like it or not.  Check out these items you can scoop up while you grab you pens, pencils and paper at your local Staples location or at  

JBUDDIES Studio Kids Headphones:  these wired headphones are perfect for kids ages 8 and up.  They are perfect for learning at home or at school which is perfect in these crazy times we are in.  They have this built in volume control that you have the access to update so you know perfectly that your kids are hearing what they are hearing at a safe volume for their little growing ears.  Their “cloud foam comfort” ear cups are designed to fit the exact outline of their ears.  They also adjust and fold for easy storage and packing for travel, school etc.  You also control the mic and the tracks you are playing with ease.  No stress at all here with these headphones.  They have an awesome lifetime warranty and you will love them like we do I assure you!  $25 is the cost ($30 for wireless) and they come in both pink and blue.  Here is the link to purchase these at staples.

MindReader Productivity Cube:  this great cube will ensure your student doesn’t crash and burn.  They will focus on the task or take a break if necessary for efficiency.  This is perfect for learning, studying, fitness, in the classroom and more.  You can easily train yourself to work on one task at a time.  All you have to do is turn the cube on, set the desired timeframe and it will start counting down.  It takes AAA batteries so it is super easy to set up and get going.  The cost is a mere $19.99 for this boost in efficiency!

Add these two great items to your back to school cart!