Foodie Puzzles

Who loves food and puzzles??  I mean who doesn’t?!?

My family has been working on the most delicious looking puzzles ever this week new from Goliath.  They are perfectly called “Foodie” puzzles and feature mouth watering pictures of your favorite dishes.  They are 300 pieces so instantly perfect for anyone in your home 6 and up.  In this house, we divide and conquer.  Someone goes for the borders/edges while someone else puts the pieces in color order.  These puzzles are 19.5 inches by 14.25 inches and a great size for displaying if you want to!  We have “Berry and Chia Seed“, “Tacos”, and “Vegetables“.  I think my favorite part is that they come with a great recipe on the back!  Trust me; the time you spend putting them together will have you hungry in no time!  We had Taco Tuesday here as always so the puzzle was a great family activity that evening.  These are perfectly priced from about $7-10 and come at the perfect time since we are all still home more now than ever.  These are easy to grab right on Amazon!

Check them out!  Wait.. and I will fully admit one of my kids was asking me what a few of the vegetables on the puzzle were.  Embarrassing yes; but now we are inspired to go to the market tomorrow and cook them for dinner that night!