Workout Clothes for Mom

Trying to keep fit is tough enough, trying to keep fit and look good is a whole ‘nother level!  I scoured the web for some good ideas for work out. Below are a few work out ideas that might help you feel a bit better while working out.



givehercourageGive Her Courage

This is probably one of the most comfortable sweatshirts that I’ve ever worn. That said, I also love the messaging.  That’s why I folded it like that so you see the sleeve and the front.

But if you don’t believe me, read the reviews on their landing page.  Everybody raves how soft and comfortable it is.









Phat Buddha Wear

Get it? Phat, but Buddha is fat…. and Phat means cool… but that’s not the point. This is such a comfortable post-workout sweater it just makes me feel so happy.

In fact, I don’t even wear it after a work out but whenever I just want to eat ice cream and curl up in  a ball. Okay, maybe that defeats the purpose, but that’s not the point.














Wacoal Sports

Wacoal is known for their bras, but their sports bras are such a comfortable choice.  They are put together well and are such good quality.  Honestly, I’d rather go with a name I trust when it comes to high activity with my girls!

Wacoal does the job.












These are by far the most comfortable jeans that I’ve ever had. They are designed for athletics and after wearing them I can see why.  With regular jeans I can’t bend, stretch and move.  With these, I can basically fully exercise but also look my best.

In addition, I love that they designed these jeans as eco-friendly as possible.









Cozy Love Company


The name clearly says it all. Their clothing is well, quite comfortable. They say that it was created by two women who wanted to look sexy and be comfortable.  This is true. I actually think nothing looks sexier than the baggy look, but then again, I feel happiest and sexiest when I’m the most comfortable!


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