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I adore trying a new vino.  I was thrilled to spend the weekend indulging in a delicious Sauvignon Blanc and Malbec from Forever Young Wines.  I am not gonna lie; I am really not a white wine fan; but this Blanc was so light and refreshingly perfect that I was in an instant fan.  This is wine from Central Valley, Chile and there are awesome hints of citrus flavor.  This would be a great brunch wine in my opinion and perfect with your fish or salad meal.  Now me being much more of a red wine enthusiast I was excited to try their Malbec.  I was thrilled to discover it was a warm wine, with hints of fruit and rich in deep purple hue.  This is a great bottle to accompany steak or lamb; I want to mention that both bottles were a great blend; I didn’t get that “acid” hint you sometimes experience with wines.  They both were really delicious and smooth.  Please visit  for more information.  They are distributed in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Massachusetts and Rhode Island.  They can be found in various NYC establishments as well.

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