Soften Her / Soft Goat

I see a lot of beauty products doing what I do here but this one actually has me excited and interested.  Soften Her is a single sided foam disc that gently softens and exfoliates hairs of the leg, bikini area or even underarm.  Our intimate areas can be super soft all the time now and the process cannot be easier.  We are ladies and want our bodies smooth.  Don’t feel like shaving today? No worries using Soften Me which instantly assists us in feeling beautiful and flaw free.  I tried this today and I must say: in grown hairs: gone.  razor bumps: gone.  Legs: soft.  The pad is completely hypoallergenic, easy to use and completely disposable.  It weighs next to nothing and can fit in any purse, travel pouch, toiletry bag etc.  The product really does work; I am noticing quite a difference with leg “stubble” and now on days when I just don’t have the time, I really do not have to worry.  Each box of 3 pads retails for $11.99 (each pad lasts about 2 months so this is half a year in a box people!)  Visit more information and to make a purchase.  Don’t worry men: they have a wonderful softener for you as well: Soft Goat.  Same deal here: use the single-side foam exfoliating disc to soften scratchy facial hair leaving your face smooth as silk.  It will be super easy to remain intimate with your partner despite shaving your beard.  The kids won’t shy away from your prickly face.  Pricing is exactly the same: check them out

Soften HerSoft Goat

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