Fresh Cut Paper – Amazing and Unique Greeting Cards!

fresh cut

Yes, I said it in the title—today I was exposed to quite possibly the most amazing greeting cards I’ve ever had in my possession before.

Fresh Cut Paper brings these amazing and gorgeous life-sized pop-up flower greeting cards.  I literally cannot wait to give one of them to my mother for Mother’s Day in a few weeks.

The cost is so super reasonable; just $12 each.  They offer all types; I personally adore the Lilies and Lupines. 

Each card comes with a bouquet, a matching note card, and a mailing envelope.  They are about 12 inches by 9 inches across.  The bouquet opens up and will actually stand on a table or surface just like a real vase of flowers.  The cost of mailing is four “forever” stamps.  For every one of these sold, the company plants a tree in your honor.  What could actually be cooler than that!

I actually think it is a pretty awesome concept.  You get beautiful flowers on your special day and you don’t even need any water!  Oh…and they never wilt or fade either.

You can also have a personal message printed up and the card and bouquet will go straight to your VIP recipient.

Check them out!