Great Office & Organization Products!


Spring weather always inspires me to be more organized at work and at home.  It is always a great feeling to replace supplies and grab some new note cards for all the upcoming spring and summer events.  I was thrilled to check out a few great office supply style items we received for review this week.

MoodClue: These are pretty awesome liquid chalk markers great for work, parties, home, restaurants, and more!  My daughter kind of stole these from me in two seconds.  I love that they are non-toxic and have no odor.  Also no DUST!  How is that possible.  You can even safely use them to write on your car for graduation/homecoming, etc., and trust me, it comes right off!  I have a board at work that I constantly update with new projects and these bold colors have me looking instantly at what is important at the moment.

Silk + Sonder Monthly Wellness Planners: These are completely life-changing and very necessary monthly wellness planners.  We have all been through the wringer the past two years and I will fully admit I needed some inspiration and organization after the total chaos.  Each month’s journal is themed and you customize them to work for you and your needs.  They are super thin and compact and it makes it easy to take with me in my bag as I go wherever the day may take me.  This is a subscription that comes with an app so you can connect to others and stay motivated all month long.

prompt’d cards:  Need to connect? These awesome cards will have you ready for the task.  You pick your theme and receive two identical card sets.  You keep one and give the other to someone you wish to connect with.  You can even have them shipped to the person directly!  These cards have beautiful photos and each has a “prompt” to guide you in what you may want to say or how to start the conversation.  For example, one of the cards I received contained a slip of paper that said, “What makes your soul sing?”  Now, all you have to do is start the card exchange and talk about your experiences, insights, and what is going on in your life!  I absolutely love how this is an old-school idea that takes you off of your phone and onto pen and paper.

Please check all of these great items out!  We love them!