Frosted Mini-Wheats Board Game

Holy Moly!  My favorite cereal is now a board game.  It is like Christmas came early in this house.  I was thrilled to try this game out this past weekend.

Kellogg’s Frosted Mini-Wheats Morning Craze Board Game truly made a little “good, clean fun” happen for my home.  This game’s point; to travel around the board taking on the various and quite funny consequences we may face if we miss our morning bowl of mini-wheats.  You will gather your own pieces of cereal as you move about the game.  If the “Growl” gets hold of you, you are forced to face the fallout!  What exactly is the “Growl” – oh that would be your stomach if you don’t eat a proper breakfast!   If you can move beyond the “growl” and collect the most cereal pieces you are the winner.  This is a crazy darn year and what a great way to bring families together for more than just a meal.  A perfect way to break up the “3 meals at home/avoidance to go out” and have some fun.  If you want to win this awesome game, simply submit a creative “growl story” of your own to and you may win!

I have to say, the main reason my house is such a huge fan of this cereal is because the quality and layers of the whole wheat product (along with the essential vitamins and minerals) really do “fill you up”.  I am honestly good to go until lunch (and sometimes even longer).  Please check out both the cereal and the game; Kellogg’s is truly a class act always with all their quality foods and brands.  You are always in good hands with them.  This is a great family game night contender!