Vous Vitamins

Nowadays we all need to be super careful and take all our vitamins.  As a mother I am always on hunt for a brand/product more “in tune” to my own body.

Vous Vitamins is a super easy amazing way to truly customize what you are taking in your daily supplement.  You go to their website and take the quick quiz.  Co-founders Romy Block MD and Arielle Levitan MD have decades of medical training and you know you are in good hands.  After you take the quiz, they provide you with a list of vitamins to fit your body/age/lifestyle.  I was so thrilled to see my list chock full of good stuff like Vitamins C/D/B12/E, calcium, folate and so much more!  Now here is the best part – all these things I just mentioned are in one custom tablet that I received a few days later.  I take two daily and truly love knowing what I am finally getting!

You can then you set up your subscription and have these beauties delivered as often as you like.  I decided to get one month and test them out and now of course I am already setting up my regular order.  These vitamins by the way are all natural, free of additives, free of dairy, gluten and are non-GMO.  The cost is totally reasonable for the amount of awesomeness you are getting.  If you try a trial bottle it will be $40.00.  $39.00 for a one month subscription.  If you prepay 3 months you save $9.00 and pay $90.00 total.  Price goes down to $25 if you pay for 6 months.  And why wouldn’t you?? They are just that good.  Add-ons like Omega-3’s, energy boosters, immunity boosters and more will have you on the right track in no time.  You can even purchase a gift card for someone for the holidays (I am grabbing one for my sister!) Check them out!