Fun Games to Play during COVID

Burping Bobby is for ages 4 and up. It is a quick and fun game to play with younger kids. Bobby is a cute hippo who tends to be gassy. His burps come out as green steam, which is hysterical! You do not want to be on the receiving end as you have to discard your highest valued token.

Banana Blast is another great and quick game for younger kids. The monkey is adorable, and the suspense builds in this one. The object of the game is to collect as many bananas as you can. One banana will send the monkey jumping in the air for someone to catch.

Johnny, the Skull Pirate’s Cove, is an upper-body workout. The technology behind this one is pretty advanced. It is best to play in a dimly lit enclosed room. The object of this game is to catch as many flying ghosts as you can with the blaster. Level 4 is no joke!

Dino Crunch gives a great first impression as there is a moving image on the front box. I found the Dino to be a little scary looking, but he does make cool dinosaur sounds. Excellent hand-eye coordination is needed as you try to rescue eggs from Dino’s nest without getting caught.

Rattlesnake Jake is not very friendly, looking even though it is very colorful. He does wear a fabulous hat that flies off when you are caught stealing his gold. This game is a good type of scary funny. My favorite part is how he rattles when you get near his gold.

OK, Boomer! Is a battle of generations. 1980 divides the players between Old School and New School. The older generations have to answer Pop Culture questions from after 1980 and vice versa. This game started some great family conversation.

Unsolved Case Files is for older kids as the age recommendation is 14 plus. This game can take hours to complete as you have to solve a cold case. The evidence is very authentic and detailed, and there is an online interactive component. This is a great party game!