Back To School & Work Snacks

Whether your kids are heading into the school building or into their virtual learning environment this year, snacks are still a MUST.

Whether you are heading to the corporate work office or your work at home office, snacks are still a MUST.

We have to keep the body fueled for all this learning.  Check out below a few awesome ones we are enjoying!

Kickbar Coffee Bean Bar: how about I had you your daily “kick” of caffeine in one little yummy bar.  Kickbar Coffee Bean Bars are made with only organic ingredients and have 2g of sugar.  No additives at all here.  I have tried both the coffee and latte bars and they are both just awesome.  I can handle my zoom meeting without any trouble!  Keto Friendly, gluten-free, soy-free and plant-based.

Rip Van Wafels: these are legit the bees knees.  I actually fight the kids for them daily.  This is better than an ice cream sundae and has the perfect blend of crispy and chewy.  This is a low sugar cookie where wafel meets caramel goodness.  These hare only 3g of sugar and 6g of fiber.  Only 120 calories a wafel.  I know…. its magic.  Flavor options include dutch caramel and vanilla, snickerdoodle (my FAVE!), honey & oats, chocolate brownie and cookies & cream.  Want a 35 calorie mini wafel option to get over the mid day slump?? No problem – they have them! Check them out!

Home Free Cookies: where have these been our whole lives?? A yummy cookie option for our kids that have so many awesome attributes on their resume it may take me all day to mention them all.  These cookies are peanut free, nut free, NON-GMO, gluten free, egg free, dairy free, vegan, whole grain and allergy friendly.  Wait for it tho….they actually taste good.  They can be purchased in a box or these convenient single serve bags so no matter what your routine is they have you covered.  We have tried the chocolate chip, chocolate mint and vanilla and all 3 are really good.  Perfect cookie texture; you really can’t believe they cover all the standards above and still behave like a cookie.  They are great!  Grab them now for a treat you can trust!