Gadget Guard To The Rescue

We are relying on devices more and more these days and any protection we can add to them is probably for the best.  I constantly check my children’s phones, tablets etc. to make sure my wallet is not going to be affected by any slips, trips and falls.

Check out Gadget Guard – This company is protecting you from impact, scratches, radiation and more.  Honestly; I am so careful when I purchase items like tempered glass because some of them are just so cheaply made and so hard to adhere to your device without the silly bubbles and problems.  The tempered glass is legit designed to fit your device perfectly so no overlap or issues with functionality.  The “tool” that comes with it makes putting it on a simple task.  No bubbles and it is totally aligned.  I also want to mention that it is super clear.  I have the Black Ice Edition that takes it step further with the strength and no smudges whatsoever!  I also have myself one of their Slim Protective Cases; this is lightweight, easy to grip and actually redirects the phone radiation away from your head and body.  I can’t believe how great the protection is for the way this case feels to the touch.  My son’s new savior are their Tech Clean Multipurpose Soapy Wipes.  These are great for wiping down our device at the end of the germy day.  100% plant based ingredients and totally safe for your phone, tablet, laptop etc.

Check them out – for the cost of these great items it is a no brainer!