Game Review: Pop Freak For A Great Holiday Gift

Who still needs a great gift for someone? Maybe someone who loves attending or hosting a great old fashioned game night?

Pop Freak is the perfect game to give!  It is a really funny game of everything movies/tv and celebs.  Kind of similar to charades.  You will need to split up into teams and you need about 40 cards face down as your “playing deck”.
Then you begin your rounds.  Round One is pretty basic.  You can say anything except the words and phrases on the card.  If your team guesses correctly you get to keep the card!  You basically play the entire deck and see which team accumulated more cards.

Now Round Two – that one gets crazy.  You can only say one word and then the guessing must commence.  My kids didn’t think I would be good at this and surprisingly I was!  You can’t rhyme or spell either; and if you accidentally say a word you lose 5 seconds from that turn.

Round Three No words or sounds.  Get your miming skills ready on deck I tell ya!

We had a very good time in my house playing this game!  Think girls night in!  Available for $25.  Grab it up now!