PortaPocket For The Holidays

Here is a great gift we are loving for the gift giving win!

PortaPocket – This is a great way to always have your important items on you AT ALL TIMES!  These are secure, super comfy wearable pockets that you can attach to your clothes.  It doesn’t matter what you wear; dress, pants, shorts, bathing suit etc.  It works with everything!  I actually found it so easy to pop onto what I was wearing.

You can carry all sorts of things like your lip gloss, credit/debit card, cash, phone, keys, passport and even your mask or COVID Vaccination Card!

This is your go-to for working out, for going out, travel and more! I have to mention that I cannot stand when I put important stuff in my pocket and it gets all folded and bent.  No need for that to be an issue ever again.  You won’t drop your cell phone on the floor or in the toilet at a restaurant.  No need to take your bag to the bar or club; just grab your VIP items and head out the door.  Think amusement park.  You won’t lose things on a thrill ride if they are attached safely to your body.

Check this out!