Gerber Childrenswear Review

My pet peeve with baby clothes is socks! Those tiny socks just do not stay on! It was my eternal struggle with my firstborn. But I have now found the solution! The Wiggle Proof Socks from Gerber really work! And they’re just a small part of the very extensive collection of Gerber childrenswear.

image of a baby's leg and foot wearing wiggle proof socks from the Gerber childrenswear collection

Whenever I need socks for the little ones, I now only buy them from Gerber. They are high quality, adorable, and stay on the whole day! Just check out this 6-Pack Elephant Wiggle Proof Socks for only $6!  Whenever a friend of mine is having a baby, I make sure to add at least one set of the Gerber socks to my gift basket for them. Socks are prone to disappearing in the washing machine, so you can never have too many. Everyone I have gifted the Gerber baby socks to has told me they absolutely love them.

The Gerber childrenswear collection includes all of the essentials. You can get everything you need for your baby or toddler from them! Until the age of 5, they have you covered. And everything is super cute. I love their designs and beautiful collections! The clothes look nice, the fabrics are easy to maintain, and are safe for your little one.

image of pkgs of Gerber childrenswear items such as socks, burp cloths, etc.

image of Gerber childrenswear items laid out such as socks, pillow, bibs, blankets

A family staple since 1928, Gerber has been supplying families around the globe with products for their children.  I remember the logo of Gerber from the baby formula in our kitchen cabinets when we grew up. Gerber has been around a long time, and when you hold their products, you know why. You can rely on their quality and good customer service. I think it is one of the best brands out there in regard to affordability vs quality. Their quality is decent and reliable, and the price is very affordable.

Be careful when buying clothes for your children, as the Gerber sizes run small. Be sure to order a size larger than what you are used to. They are well worth it though, as the Gerber designs are just the cutest!

You can get Gerber childrenswear at Walmart, Amazon, and their own official website.