Unique Gifts for Children

Here are some of the hottest items you can get this season for any child. Things they might not have thought about, something they will not receive 20 different variations of. These gifts will be winners this Christmas season with the children on your list!

The Soothie Sleeve

image of Soothie Sleeve for unique gifts for children including the sleeve, the plus that wears the scented sleeve and the book Close at Heart

This unique gift is just perfect! A pediatrician and mom designed the Soothie Sleeve plush to soothe babies when they are away from mom or dad. Mom or dad wears the sleeve around their arm while they sleep, so the parent’s scent is absorbed. Then they can put the sleeve on the plush like a t-shirt. While they are apart from their child, the baby will be comforted by the scent of the parent close by. It is scientifically supported that the use of parental scent decreases anxiety and crying, enhances feeding, and comforts a child when they are apart. Soothie Sleeve comes with the hardcover book Close at Heart. Close at Heart is a beautifully illustrated story that shows the many ways Soothie Sleeve can comfort a child. It will quickly become a favorite book to read together. The plush comes in four different variations: bunny, lamb, bear, or elephant. Each one is just as cute and cuddly as the other!  The Soothie Sleeve sells at $39.99 on the official website of Mini Ducklings.

Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon

image of the Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon for unique gifts for children

The Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon is absolute bliss when going out with your children! It folds very compactly, so you can put it in the trunk of your car. The wagon easily fits two children and even a baby car seat! You can haul all your gear to any activity. Whether for a picnic, a stroll through the neighborhood, or going fishing, this wagon is the best to get there! The UV-blocking canopy protects little ones from the sun while pull-down shades block additional light during naptime. Remove the canopy for open-air cruising. Your children will never have had a smoother ride! The back wheel suspension absorbs every little bump while the swivel front wheels allow you to turn and pivot at a moment’s notice. Push or pull the wagon with the two adjustable leatherette handlebars. You can get the Jeep Wrangler Stroller Wagon at Target for $319.99!

Mochi Kids

image of mochi kids Counting at the Markett flash card game and contents

Mochi Kids offers the best clothes and toys to teach kids about not-so-standard foods and cultures. It is a children’s apparel and lifestyle company founded by a mom of three. Raised by Singaporean and American parents, she grew up eating all kinds of foods. She wants to teach children all about the food, culture, and heritage of the world around them. They have some great Christmas gifts for kids that you will not find in a standard toy store!

Mabel’s Labels

image of Mabels Labels

A gift you might not think of, but one the parents will be very grateful for! Name labels to avoid lost clothing pieces or missing lunch boxes! Mabel’s Labels makes some of the best labels out there! Tough clothing stickers that will survive years of washing, stickers for the lunch boxes, bands for the water bottles, tags for the bags…they have it all! Everything can be personalized to your heart’s desire. Add the child’s favorite colors and characters, and they will be happy to use them on everything they own! They even have special packs for Christmas, Halloween, birthdays, and many more occasions! A Combo Label Pack for daycare, preschool, or middle school, anyone?

Great Playroom Items

image of a ball pit from Little Big Playroom for unique gifts for children

Little Big Playroom has great ball pits, slides, and multipurpose kitchen tower/play tables. With their beautiful modern design, these playroom items fit into every single home. You can choose between many different looks and colors. The ball pits are the perfect size to fit into a playroom but do not take up too much space. The slides are great for toddlers to young children and will fit anywhere. And then they have the Sit and Stand, a multipurpose station that can be a kitchen tower or a play table.  Everything Little Big Playroom offers is made out of durable materials that are safe for the little ones. Help the development and independence and gift this Christmas a unique addition to the playroom!


image of the Kidamento camera with box of instant print paper rolls and other accessories for Unique Gifts for Children

Kidamento is the cutest kid-friendly digital camera out there! This is the perfect size for kids’ hands and comes in cute animal forms like a unicorn, sloth, cat, bear, or panda, to name a few. The Kidemento digital cameras are made with a detachable lightweight silicone (food grade) casing that is comfortable for kids to hold and tough enough to endure dropping and rough play. The silicone is eco-friendly and PVC, phthalate, and BPA-free. This toy digital camera offers popular features like filters and frames, face recognition, a selfie timer, and burst mode, providing kids with lots of fun ways to explore their creativity and build on their skills. Kidamento has digital cameras and instant print cameras. The instant print camera prints the picture in only 3 seconds, with no ink required at only $0.05 per print! Use the easy How to Choose feature of Kidamento to pick the best gift for Christmas this year!

Woo! Jr. Kids Activities

Woo Jr. Kids Activities

This Christmas, gift educational, enriching, and self-directed kids activities. Woo! Jr. Kids Activities offers great PDF printable activity books that will keep the children engaged for hours! The Drawing Book for Kids: 365 Daily Things to Draw, Step by Step comes at only $6.99! The Christmas Homeschooling Teacher Bundle is perfect for these holidays! Or what did you think about the Christmas Craft Pack Bundle for only $14.99? Your kids will love these books!