It’s the germiest time of the year…

I love me the winter; the snow is beautiful, the holiday decor brings a smile to my face but the one thing that makes me nuts is that the minute that the leaves have all fallen, the sniffles and sore throats begin.  It seriously never fails.  I pump them with vitamins and still the germs prevail.

I have this new product in the house that I really want to share with you guys so you can grab one and be all set as well.  We are trying out the Throat Scope this week and it’s a really impressive product!  So this clear “stick of wonder” is a light meets tongue depressor.  You get a really clear view and at home quick exams are super easy.  You can check for sore throats, redness, canker sores and what ever other “itis’s” are happening in your house right now.

Here is a video on how it works:

All you do is attach the depressor, the light goes on, do your “checking” and take apart to extinguish the light.  It is really easy to use and really perfectly sized to store for next time.  Price point is around $20 making it super affordable.  You can also buy replacement depressors for when you need them.   Side note: you get 5 hours of light life which gives you about 20 hours of use.

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