Get More Out of Your Cat Litter

We have found an amazing 100% natural product that will efficiently eliminate odors so you can keep using your litter twice as long!

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The thing is, with cat litter, it smells after a while. Even if you clean the litterbox regularly, the smell lingers. But with Scent Away Cat Litter Deodorizer, the odors are absorbed naturally by a blend of zeolite and active carbon. Completely natural ingredients that are non-toxic and fragrance-free, so it is safe to use for your pets and family.

You can add Scent Away to any type of cat litter, to extend the life of your litter by a significant length of time. Your wallet and the planet will thank you. As you are using a completely natural product of high quality, it lasts longer than artificial and potentially harmful chemicals.

You can get Scent Away Cat Litter Deodorizer from Amazon for $32 .

Scent Away’s Cat Litter Deodorizer comes in a 10.5 oz bottle, a pack of three 10.5 oz bottles, and a 5-gallon bucket.  Scent Away also offers deodorizers for chicken coops, swine stalls, horse stalls, and small animal bedding.  You can find their whole range here. These products boost moisture control, contain no harmful chemicals, and are made with active carbon and zeolite to remove odor and extend bedding life.

If you are only looking to get rid of bad scents around your house, or to extend your litter’s life, Scent Away has the best environmentally and economically conscious product for purchase.