Lilly Brush: how to get the pet hair out of anything

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We adore our kittens. But, oh man, the hair! Especially when you have your black suit on and are ready to head to that big meeting.

Of course, one of them will jump on my lap as I finish my morning coffee. And I do not like using the standard sticky lint rollers. They are wasteful, bad for the environment, and pull on the fabrics of your clothes. Using it feels wrong somehow. That is why I wanted to talk to you about Lilly Brush.

We love the Pet Hair Detailer for our home. It works magic on our couch and carpet. I was honestly skeptical before using it, but got to say it works like magic! You just sweep the plastic blade over the carpet and you remove soooo much hair you didn’t even know was there! Even after running the vacuum cleaner, this awesome tool still gets a lot out. And after using it, you can just wash it off and reuse it. Talk about environmental friendly! It does not wear out nor does it need any refilling of any kind. We are sold! It is just so satisfying to see that hair be pushed out of the carpet with so much ease!

To get the hair off our clothing, we love using the Fluffy Pets Brush.  I know, Lilly Brush advertises this tool as a way to get the hair from long-haired and fluffy animals off clothes, but we have to say it works wonders on the short hair of our cats too. We have this brush right next to our door, and use it every single day before heading out to work.  It works like a magnet!

I highly recommend Lilly Brush to anyone with pets.  It is by far the best pet hair remover we have ever tried.