Get Rid of Pesky Litter Box Odors

We love our kittens, but no one likes the smell of a just-used litter box.

OdorTrap offers a great solution. They offer little plastic pods you can attach to the side of your litter box. You then put a bead pack inside the pod and snap it shut. The beads contain a blend of natural plant oils to attract, attach to, and surround odor molecules. The odors are then eliminated with a chemical reaction. You only have to replace the pack every two weeks and you will be rid of those pesky smells.

OdorTrap is healthier for your cats than typical air fresheners, as they do not use artificial chemicals or perfumes. The plant-based oils destroy the odor molecules with natural chemistry, avoiding the phthalates and parabens of other products.

Now, OdorTrap has been created by Whisker, known for their LitterRobot. But OdorTrap is not only for LitterRobots! You can actually stick it to the side of ANY litter box. It has a magnet with an adhesive side, so attaching it is just easy.

The pod with one bead pack comes at a price of $20, and the refills come at $30 for a 6-pack. You can get a subscription to the refills straight from their website, making sure you will always have a new bead pack right when you need it.