Wines Made by Moms (for Mother’s Day)

wines made by moms
wines made by moms

It’s Mother’s Day and I can tell you, after these past three years, this mom needs nothing more than a glass of wine. Every season we compile a wine guide and this season is no exception. So, without further ado, here are our favorite wines to make Mother’s Day a day that mom will remember.

The Loire Valley Wines is famous for its beautiful chateaux and rich history. It’s a long region of France filled with beautiful vineyards and castles and frankly, I’ve heard of the south of France, but not enough about this.

In particular, this region has two wines made by moms themselves. That alone inspires me—moms making wines for Mother’s Day!

The first is Moulin de Chauvigné, Rosé de Loire, 2020, from Sylvie Plessis. She is working with her daughter, Manon, which is frankly a dream of mine.  Can you imagine working with your daughter in a vineyard in France? It’s a beautiful wine with tastes of strawberries and raspberries and is perfect for a spring Mother’s Day.

The second one that you see in this photo is Château de Plaisance, Anjou Blanc, 2020, from Vanessa Cherruau. She is a committed feminist and she teaches her daughter that there is no gender-specific profession and that women have as much to contribute as men, including in the wine-making industry. I want to meet this woman firsthand. She simply sounds amazing. Sure, the Anjou Blanc tastes amazing, but it’s also a white that can age a few years. You don’t have to rush and have it in five minutes.

What a better idea than getting wines made by moms, for moms on Mother’s Day!