Gifts for the Quarantine Working Dad

What to get the Dad who is struggling to work remote in the times of quarantine? We’ve compiled a few gift ideas that should make the work remote Dad’s life a little bit easier and happier. It’s the Christmas of Coronavirus so it’s the time to buy things that help us get through. Here’s a few gifts that the team put together for ideas that Dad would love if he’s working remote.


Everybody makes security cameras but I love the fact that these are affordable and can also double as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Installation is relatively simple but with the two antennas on it I actually was able to place it much further than I expected. For the safety conscious dad this might be a good option.








Accell Power – 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger
Accell Power – 3 in 1 Fast Wireless Charger

I love the layout here as it’s one charger that covers all of your iPhone type devices. Rest your phone, plug in your buds and wrap around your iWatch. And honestly, who are we kidding, once you have one apple device, you’re probably buying more.








Accell Power Office
Accell Power Office – Ideal power station for IoT hub with 4 protected AC outlets, USB-A and USB-C charging ports

My favorite feature here is that I can throw my Google/Alexa home device right in the middle. It’s built and designed perfectly for it. Plus with the USB’s built in, it really does fit snazzy right on the desk. I happen to love perfectly designed products and this fits great right on the desk.








Thomas Felice Watch

This watch is from their modern art collection and it looks like it. I just love the style and I love even more the price point. Do you want a nice watch that makes you look like you spent a million bucks but something more reasonable?







Parker Clay

Parker Clay makes leather bags which are both efficient and gorgeous. I love the look of leather bags as they have that classic style but are designed with modern needs like this laptop bag. This one is both functional but looks so high end it’s ridiculous.







Oracle Lighting UV Lamp
UVGI Ultraviolet Germicidal Devices

Okay, this is an interesting idea in the times of Covid. Basically you press this button, step away and then it hits the area with a UV light to kill all the bad germs and stuff. It’s small enough to put in a pocketbook and perfect to stick in the car to sanitize after a good car wash. It charges in any USB so it’s super convenient.







Lume Cube
Video Conference Lighting for Remote Working
We are all video conferencing. It’s basically the coronavirus mandate. The LumeCube fits right on your laptop screen and gives that added boost of natural looking light to up your video game. It’s a simple product that does the job. Press the button and look awesome on a video call. What more do you need?









AfterShokz are seriously the best damn headsets I’ve ever tried. I’m not kidding, seriously the clearest. The boom goes right near your mouth so it picks up only what you need and not all the ambient sounds. The charger is a bit different which is slightly frustrating having to use a unique charger but that’s a pet peeve of mine.

This all said, if you’re doing tons of phone calls, this is for you.








North Drinkware

North Drinkware

These have to be the most beautiful glasses I’ve ever seen.  At the end of a long work day, what does a quarantined dad need? A strong drink. And where to have said drink?  In a glass with Mount Washington carved into the bottom.

I think this glass will cause my hubby to want to drink just on it’s own!










Einova Lava StoneEinova Wireless Charging Stone

This photo doesn’t do it justice at all. This is a gorgeous looking wireless charger. Carved lava stone with the charger built right in. It looks perfect not just for a fancy desk but even a modern living.  If you want a charger that looks a step up, this might be the perfect present.