Pro and Anti Trump Masks Are Selling Out on Amazon

Regardless of your political inclination, President Trump getting Covid has shown a stark rise in mask sales according to Amazon.  Business Insider reports that masks as well as vitamin sales are on the rise.  I scoured Amazon to see which are sold out and which are selling.

What’s entertaining to me is that now masks for either candidate are selling well which might have an ironic positive news in the President getting Covid-19.

Regardless of your political affiliation, I really hope you either wear a mask or maybe stay home.  Sometimes it’s sad, but it take a major political situation like this for people to question their own values of masks and to look at the plan and road their on.

As for the masks, we did report on the Trump coloring books, so this really shouldn’t come as a surprise. What’s going to be interesting is to watch the long term ramifications of this.

  1. Well the standard bearer, Make America Great Again masks




2. It could also be to keep America great again.






3) I always am confused if this is officially a mask but the message is there.






4) This seems to be an anti-Trump mask.





5) I’m taking that this is an Anti-Trump mask.






6) Okay, this is rather direct.