Glister Hair Here I Come!

OMG, I am beyond in love with my new hair straightener.  I actually am hiding it from my daughter at the moment because I’m terrified I will never see it again.  This is AWESOME, people! Finally, I found a straightener that doesn’t dry out or burn my hair. Trust me, I do enough damage with coloring and glazing. I need to be able to style it without worrying I’m being bad. I am using the Glister “Paradise After Dark” limited edition 1.25″ flat iron.

This fantastic hair tool comes in color options like glittery champagne or ultraviolet purple.  The technology is second to none.  It combines Tourmaline Gemstone and Ceramic Infusion which promotes fast heating and an easy glide through your hair.  Do you know what that means to this girl?!? It means less breakage!  Ionizing helps my look be smoother and shinier!

If you are anything like me, you are constantly on the go and in a crazy rush.  This is the first straightener I have ever used that had non-slip grips right on it!  Also, the cord simply does NOT tangle.  It is super easy to hold, super easy to use, and super easy to store once done.  Remember the days of leaving your hair tools to “cool off” for hours upon hours?  Well…no more my friend…no more.  This particular set even comes with a bonus studio light selfie ring that easily clips to your phone so you take your perfect pic to share on social media – truly in your best light.  Honestly, this set costs $135 and is worth every penny.

Think Mother’s Day pampering.  You deserve it.  Your wife deserves it.  Everyone deserves this and any of their other awesome products.  I am hooked.  Check Glister out today!

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