GLO Science = Mommy Care!

Please take some time after these crazy, busy holidays to take care of you.  We run ourselves ragged with shopping, baking and wrapping – not to mention the normal workday, car pools and school schedules/activities.  And during these COVID times we have to really be careful as we do all this!

GLO Science offers these amazing products for busy mom “on the go whitening” along with taking care of your oral health between meals.  I have been trying it out (and I am a skeptic) and for sure my smile is brighter.  IT also helps kill harmful bacteria (music to my ears right now) and eliminates bad breath too.  Here is what we received and are trying out:

Teeth Whitening GLO Vials ($49): These are made with hydrogen peroxide and brings zero pain or sensitivity.  They are very easy to use.  All we did was squeeze a very small amount of the gel onto the brush tip of the vial and brush onto your teeth with the GLO device.  You just swallow and move on making this a perfect on the go option as no spitting and rinsing is needed.  Repeat daily for about 5-10 days until you are happy with the results.

GLO To Go Teeth Whitening Pen ($25):  This is a great portable whitening pen that I LOVE!  You just swipe gently on your teeth anytime you need it.  Also it freshens your breath and the antimicrobial tip keeps the pen fresh and germ free for the next application.  The best part; after you brush the thin layer of gel on your teeth all you have to do is smile for half a minute while the gel dries and whitens.  Again, safe to swallow you just need to wait about a half hour before eating.

These are amazing products – they have more to offer too!  Check them out!