Sleep 7 Neural Refresh Review

I plan on getting more sleep and rest in the New Year.  It is so important for our body and minds!

I just received an awesome sample of Sleep 7 Neural Refresh which is this super cool, non habit forming sleep aid that is literally safe enough for use every night.  Make the habit forming drugs a thing of the past!  You can adjust the dosage as you see fit.  Also the tablet is so easy to take; it dissolves and the flavor is a nice “cool mint”.  How is this possible?

The tablets contain hemp with GABA and Melatonin.  This really cool combination is unique to this brand only!  It will help you fall asleep fast on the first night; so many products take days to “kick in”.  We tried it out by taking it an hour prior to bed.  Worked like a charm.  I was just telling my boss who travels frequently that this is a great option for jet lag as well.

I actually relaxed and got some much needed sleep after trying this out.  I am a person who is so afraid to try anything that says “sleep aid” for fear of the side effects or even just not being able to wake up properly the next morning.  Sleep 7 is a DREAM COME TRUE.

Pricing for 30 nights is $24.95. Check it out!