Goldie Blox

Need something both fun and educational to scoop up with one of your new gift cards?!?  Look no further than Goldie Blox Design & Build kits that make STEM learning fun.  This is true girl fun, crafting and learning all in one and I couldn’t be happier with the quality.  It was one my favorite gifts to my daughter this year.

We have both the Mini Purse Construction Toy and the Friendship Bracelet Building Kit.  The purse is super bright and trendy and side note you can also make a pencil holder if purses aren’t your child’s “thing”.  This product is compatible with other brick building systems and can actually be “take apart” open ended fun.  This is creative thinking, problem solving and spatial skills at it’s finest.  This kit runs about $24.99.  We also really enjoyed making bracelets today; the best part here is the sky is the limit.  You can make one bracelet, stack them, make a necklace; even a crown!  This is a great kit for a winter break playdate!  I adore how many times this can be used again and again and since it is compatible with other “brick brands” you can add pieces, colors etc.  This kit runs about $14.99.  Oh and the company offers a discount when you buy more than one kit.

Other shopping options include crystal growing, lamps, paper crafts, pillows and more.  You could actually purchase a bunch as gifts for the year ahead and save money at the same time!