Top Wines for Valentine’s Day – 2021

It’s Valentine’s Day and since we’re not going out it’s time to bring wine into the house. We compiled some of our favorite ideas for wines that you can get for this special occasion of Valentine’s Day.

Waipapa Bay Wines
Waipapa Bay

A New Zealand wine that’s also quite affordable. Plus they donate to the Whale Dolphin Conservation charity. You’ll see in this shot, the Rose, Pinot Gris, Sauvignon Blanc and Chardonnay. The Rose was by far my favorite but then again I’m a big Rose fan. This is sold throughout stores in the South East so if you’re in that area pick up a bottle. Take a drink, lean back and think about the beautiful Pacific ocean and New Zealand.



Wine InsiderWineInsider

I’m seriously addicted to this idea of WineInsider. First they had me at free shipping. During Quarantine that’s always amazingly wonderful thing. But the prices and discounts are insane.

In the photo you’ll see a mix of:
2018 Fox and the Flock Red Blend

2018 Château Grandefont La Gabare Bordeaux

2019 Killari Carménère

2019 Princesse Joyeuse Vin Rouge

2019 Les Hautes Marches G.S.M. Reserve Personnelle

2019 Finca Los Olmos Selección Especial Red Blend

Most of these are at least 50% off. So you can buy some individual bottles but these half case and full case sets are such a ridiculously good deal. I also love the idea that if I’m going to buy somebody a gift and know they’re into something (French, Italian, or whatever) I can just buy a big gift box for that type.




Olema WinesOlema

Olema is the sister brand to Amici Cellars, based in Napa. For Valentine’s Day, I feel like you can’t go wrong with a Brut Rose. Rose, with it’s beautiful pink hues seems to scream out for Valentine’s Day. Plus, they have a serious Cabernet Sauvignon which is a good choice for a main course. I mean what can go wrong with a Rose for the starter, and a Cab for the main course. They’re pretty affordable at around $20 and I love the story behind the team. I feel like you can tell that these people really care about what they’re doing.










Harmony WinesHarmony Wines

Do you remember Boyz II Men?  Yes, everybody of a certain age does. Well they got together with Château Auguste and worked together to make their own wines.  How romantic is that?  How perfect for Valentine’s Day!

What makes this wine different?  They play music to the vines twice a day.  This is called Genodics which is supposed to help the vines grow better, healthier and stronger.

So if you like Boys II Men or your like the idea of wines grown with genodics, here’s your chance.

Willamette Valley Vineyards

In this selection, we check out the wines below:
2018 Estate Pinot Noir
2018 Estate Chardonnay
2017 Bernau Block Pinot Noir

Willamette Valley Vineyards  is a serious vineyard with serious wines.  I found them all of course delicious but found the Bernau Block Pinot Noir which are sourced exclusively from 15 acres of Pinot Noir from the first plantings at the Estate Vineyard. These have a bit of history with this wine and that story is absolutely adorable.

But of course the Pinot Noir and Estate Chardonnay are wonderful and rated well, but seriously how awesome is the story that this wine is exclusively harvested from the first planting. You can literally point to the grape!




Angelini Wines

Who doesn’t love Prosecco and Angelini makes a ridiculously affordable Prosseco at only about $15. Tiny little bubbles and a great taste, this Angelini is a great idea for Valentine’s Day as an easy busy.


Why did we include beer/cider in this list?  It says top wines and here is a beer gift box.
This is the mixed pack and I loved the idea it had both ciders and beer. Do you like cider? Do you like beer? Who the heck knows but it’s Valentine’s Day and I need to get my man something so certainly he’ll like something from this mix.  So if wine doesn’t do it, here’s another option.







Casillero del Diablo

Casillero del Diablo


Casillero del Diablo is rated one of the top wine brands in the world for the past three years and it’s ridiculously affordable. The Carmenere is only $11.99 which is crazy especially given it’s ratings. Chocolate, oaky and coffee flavors, even when you read online it’s quite well rated so quite a good bang for your buck.



Barefoot WinesValentine's Day Barefoot Wines

I took this picture different because I really wanted to reflect the wines and look at how pink they are! I love pink! I wanted to do a story on pink and I feel like pink goes so well together with Valentine’s Day.

Barefoot is a go to and I loved the sangria/fruistcato mixes that they have here. The idea that you can basically throw in fruit and boom! you have a sangria is amazing!

And what can be better than pink and sangria for Valentine’s Day?