Good Sport Sports Drink

We are pretty much full swing back into school sports and with that comes the sweaty dehydration that comes with it!  I send my kids with masks and huge bottles of water but I am always on the hunt for a great new sports drink to try out.

Good Sport is this awesome hydrating sports drink full of electrolytes and vitamins.  These are a little different than the “norm” in that they contain ultra-filtered deproteinized milk.  This grabs hold of its electrolytes, vitamins, carbs while taking out the protein that can be hard to digest while you are active.  I love how this brand doesn’t settle for any artificial ingredients and goes the extra mile to provide the best they can for our little players.  They actually have 3 times the amount of electrolytes that competitors have.  There is 33% less sugar which is music to my mommy ears.  The beverage continues to hydrate you even hours after you’ve consumed it.  There are some great flavor options like lemon lime, fruit punch, citrus and wild berry.  I’ve personally tried the wild berry and the lemon lime and they are just fabulous.  I couldn’t wait to include them in my kids sports bags this week!

Check them out!