Farmer & Chemist Skin Care

Always loving some personal “Mommy Time” at the end of a tough work week and as such I LOVE trying out some new skincare products.  I’m always running at lightspeed so add some calming benefits into the mix and you have yourself a crazy awesome deal.  I am really enjoying my experience trying out Farmer & Chemist Skin Care Products and think you should check them out too.  These are premium CBD health and wellness products.  Here is what I am liking:

Gem Gems (19.99): these are 10mg CBD per gummy and totally perfect for when your day isn’t quite going like you want it to.  This works for both calming and pain relief needs.  They taste pretty good too!

Problem Salved ($119.99):  Ok this is quite honestly the most amazing darn product ever.  It is great for inflamed muscles, sore joints or even cracked/dry skin.  It contains 1920 mg Hemp Oil, Chamomile Oil, Vanilla Oil and more.  No harsh chemicals here.

Chill Out ($27.99): This is 150mg of CBD roll on greatness for muscle aches, sore joints and tension.  The gel has this awesome cool, soothing feel and is very easy to use.

Hot Spot ($27.99): Again; 150mg of CBD roll on that brings warm/soothing comfort to your tired and sore body.

Everything here is great quality!