Today I discovered one of the coolest companies out there; gosili.  Welcome to silicone, reusable greatness.  Why go there?  Because it is truly helping create less waste.  It is actually the second most abundant element on earth (sand and carbon) and does not degrade over time.  These products can be exposed to heat without fear or worry of any leaching toxic chemicals entering our food or bodies.  Gosili is dishwasher and microwave safe.

I adore the 16oz travel cup.  This has transformed into my “work from home coffee cup”.  For $15.00 you get yourself quality BPA, phthalate, PVC, and lead free goodness here.  My coffee stays warm for quite some time and it is beyond easy to wash and get ready for the next day.  It comes in four fun colors.  Tumbler with straw options are also available as are an adorable toddler line.

My kids love their reusable silicone straw.  We have the regular length straw that comes in the perfect case for storage.  Also available are extra wide and extra long if you or your cup prefers.  Also dishwasher safe so you will be sure you get a nice clean straw each day.  The case it comes in makes it super perfect for tossing into your purse, pocket, lunchbox or backpack.  These cost you $3 per straw making it a perfect price point to grab up a whole bunch so you have one no matter where you are.

Also available are food storage and toddler feeding items.  High quality, great price and doing your part to help this earth we live on that needs some major healing right now!

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