Keto Beam

This quarantine we are in here is not good for dieting.  I feel like we are just eating more than ever; the baking and snacking just never end.  We all have to reset (my day is usually a Monday) and try a little harder than last week.

Where are my Keto people?  I have a cool product for you guys.  Keto-Beam is a line of amazing 100% bioavailable liquid electrolytes and micronutrients.  Up first is Electrolyze; this liquid wonder will help you keep your electrolytes in perfect shape and balance as you reach ketosis.  It will boost your energy and stimulate your metabolism.  Best part – it is almost flavorless and a simple capful per day does the job.  No pills or powders necessary.  The cost here is just under $40.00 for a month’s supply.

Micro-Boost will for sure get you through those icky “keto flu” feelings.  These micronutrients hop on in there and aid with the aches and cramps and actually detox your body of bio and environmental waste.  This helps with digestion, elimination and supports a healthy immune system!  Same situation here – almost flavorless liquid, grab a capful per day and you are on your way.  $40.00 for a month’s supply.

The last item we have been trying out is insta-lytes which is an electrolyte misting spray.  Why does one need this? Well; this is perfect for when we resume our on the go busy lifestyle.  This is an instant way to give the body the electrolytes it needs with a simple spray.  It will immediately begin with detox, cramp resolution and your recharge begins!  $7.00 for a 2 oz spray you can easily carry with you anywhere (8 oz option is also available for just under $20.00).

Keto can be tough; make sure you check these items out and hopefully they help you on your diet/wellness journey!


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