Gravy even this girl can make!

So…Betty Crocker I am soooo not.  The husband makes something called a “Rue” with flour or corn starch and stir for 3 hours to make a gravy for dinner.  I’m more of like “where’s a can I can heat up” kinda chick.  Check out this amazing product that takes all the leg work out of the process and actually a really delicious gravy.  Just in time for the upcoming holiday next week!

The product is called BOU; they are gravy cubes that you literally drop into 1/2 cup boiling water and then whisk over high heat.  Viola; you have gravy.   Here is another cool fact: these cubes are non-GMO, have no artificial ingredients and no added MSG.  Oh; and their bouillon cubes are gluten-free, all natural, and contain much less sodium than others.  There is nothing artificial about these products which is so comforting in this day and age.  We tried out turkey, chicken and mushroom over the last few weeks and I have to say they are great!  Super easy to use a super flavor that even had the picky kids I live with asking for more!  Some great recipes on their website as well!


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