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We all want beautiful skin, glowing from the inside out! We certainly want to know our skin is healthy! It seems that it gets harder and harder over the years to keep our once pretty face. But, we must realize it is not only the ticking of the clock! The pollution in the air is not helping either. Fires, vehicle exhaust, cigarette smoke, and industrial plants all release pollutants into the atmosphere. These particles land on the surface of your skin and can be absorbed into the deeper layers of the skin. Studies show that pollution leads to dry, itchy skin that is prone to inflammation and sensitivity. Even worse, ground-level ozone can reduce the levels of vitamin C and vitamin E in the skin, which can lead to premature signs of aging!

Graydon Skincare uses high-quality and natural ingredients in its products, specifically chosen to give you the skin you deserve! They include moisturizers that will help protect your skin against the negative impacts of pollution.

Graydon formulates their Skin Stuff Face + Eye Cream with ceramides that help to create a protective shield against pollution. Not only that, it contains maple sap water to deeply hydrate the skin. And best of all, Skin Stuff is ultra-lightweight so it won’t feel heavy on the skin! It’s perfect for people with sensitive skin that reacts to just about everything!

Fullmoon Serum contains two anti-pollution ingredients. The moringa oliefera seed extract helps prevent airborne pollution particles from adhering to the skin, essentially creating a protective barrier. And the malachite extract traps toxins, solvents, and heavy metals, and works to detoxify the skin.

Face Foam from Graydon will reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while leaving your skin feeling lifted and revitalized for a more radiant-looking complexion! Your skin will look and feel firmer than ever before!

Get a more radiant complexion with Face Glow! This lightweight tinted moisturizing skin primer delivers brightening and highlighting effects for the perfect “no makeup makeup look.”

And to top it off, renew the vitamins in your skin with Moon Boost. Infused with 7 vitamins, this revolutionary serum will nourish, support, and bring out the best in your skin!

We love the plant-based products from Graydon. They are filled with nutrient-dense, clinically-proven superfood ingredients that nourish your skin from the outside in! Cruelty-free and sustainability-focused, Graydon is a great company that offers dermatologist-tested and hypoallergenic products to give you lovely skin! Start your journey to rejuvenation now!

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