izzo – The Best Electric Toothbrush Set Out There!


I wish I could go weekly to my dentist! I love the feeling of my teeth right after a cleaning by the dentist! They feel so soft and clean! I have a great smile and look my very best! Now Izzo can give you the same feeling and look right at home! The first comprehensive at-home Oral Care System by izzo will give you a deeper clean, whiter teeth, and great dental health!

The izzo 4-in-1 teeth cleaning kit comes with a Power Handle a Scaler, a UVC sanitizing case, and enamel polishing paste. You can charge the power handle with the 2-port USB wall charger. Just put it on the charging base together with the two provided heads and the scaler, and everything is put away nicely and charging! Two different heads are provided for the power handle: an oscillating brush head with ultrafast bristles and a polishing cup head, so you can switch effortlessly from brushing to polishing! The UVC sanitizing case kills 99.9% of germs after each use. It’s the best way to maintain excellent oral health while being safe and gentle on your teeth.

All items are modeled after the ones your dental professional uses so you can get the deepest clean possible every day.

I love using the power handle from izzo! You can choose between three speed settings. And it comes with a 2-minute timer, with 30-second intervals for the mouth’s 4 quadrants. I have never been so good at keeping my teeth clean just as the dentist recommends! The power handle feels really nice. It has a pleasant weight and smooth surface.

The sanitizing case is a really good idea! You feel good using the izzo toothbrush since the UVC sanitizer thoroughly sanitizes the heads between each use!

With the polishing cup head and enamel polishing paste, I can polish away stains, plaque, and tartar. My teeth are much whiter and I feel good knowing izzo’s Enamel Paste is gentle and safe on my teeth.

With the scaler, I can go even further and remove debris and plaque from hard-to-reach areas!

The whole izzo set comes at only $129.95!  It makes for a great Christmas gift!

Furthermore, you can get a refill pack with a new oscillating brush head, polishing head, and enamel polishing paste for only $23.95!