Great Board Games For Kids

We had a little fun this week playing some children’s board games.  Even though I have tweens and teens on my hands I truly enjoyed spending a few hours playing games for ages 5+.  Everyone laughed and brought out their “inner child”.  Sometimes innocent fun like that is needed.

The Floor Is Lava: ok this one is literally the best.  I cracked up because this was literally a made up game from my own childhood.  The mission is super easy; all you need to do is imagine the floor is molten lava.  You spin for your assigned color and jump along the foam pieces to get to safety.  This is a game of physical activity and involves a lot of imagination.  I promise you will love it!  For 2-6 players ages 5 and up.  This is available on Amazon and other retailers.

Traffic Cop:  This is another perfect option for ages 5 and up.  Easily available on Amazon for just under $20.00.  Here is your mission.  Build an intersection with the crosswalk mats and then the traffic cop has to get everyone to safety.  The cards dictate your next move and once again Endless Games brings a fun afternoon of physical activity.

Fish Club: perfect as well for ages 5 and up and a true game of precision and concentration!  Your goal is to drop your fish and sea creatures into the aquarium and connect 5 of your fish for the win.  You can also try and block your opponent from doing the same thing.  It looks easier than it is!  So much fun!