Madison Tote from MobileEdge

MobileEdge Madison ToteMobileEdge is an online store which basically is one stop shopping for everything for Mom to be a mobile warrior.  They not only sell the usual gaming products like battery and such, but fashionable bags.

The Madison Tote as you see in the photo really looks gorgeous. It’s a beautiful bag that also has functionality. It has a Superior SafetyCell section so that it protects the laptop.  But it also has a detachable makeup/accessories section which makes it much easier to carry all of my stuff.  I actually used to have this hideous looking bag before that just did the job, but I love that this looks like a fashionable bag but does the job.

In addition, they  sell the batteries that you basically need to go on the road, so I got a battery that even will charge my Chromebook.

They have tons of other stuff so it might be an interesting idea for one stop shopping to set up a mobile warrior. Mom or Dad, either one, in the days of Coronavirus I feel like we all have to be prepared to work on the go and like the idea that they have their products laid out in such a way to really keep you focused on what you need.