Great Coffee Products We Love!

I have to say that the morning coffee I enjoy on a leisure Saturday or Sunday is just everything to me.  It can make or break the entire day so I am always on the hunt for superb and unique (and strong!) coffee products.

Here are a few we were asked to review and are liking:

Big Joe Coffee:  this is pour over coffee at it’s finest.  Very easy to use and safe (BPA Free).   You can actually go single serving up to 75 ounces.  I want to mention that it is truly a fuller body coffee option.  I’m a big “java head” and this method and product produces just a delicious cup of coffee.  This has you being your own “barista” that you can make much more economically right at home.  Think college dorm, take to work or school etc.   Buy it easily on Amazon here.

Get Supr Instant Coffee: ok this product is amazing.  This is daily coffee that gives you a sort of mellow style energy that will have you going about your day more efficiently.  This is Organic coffee meets broad spectrum Hemp extract.  You are enjoying your normal cup of coffee, easing anxiety, boosting your mood and grabbing some great antioxidants all in one.

Power To The Coffee Dietary Supplement: two great options here.  Unflavored and Sweetened.    This is a collagen protein supplement that you easily add to your morning coffee or tea.  This product contains all the amino acid goodness you need!  They come in stick packs so you can just toss in your tote and have it ready for you at the office.  No artificial flavors, colors or preservatives.  11 grams of protein and only 45 calories per pack.  Cost is $18.99 for a bag of 10 sticks.   I also want to mention their amazing Elderberry Immune Support sticks that I add to my water at work pretty much everyday.  They are delicious and give you that extra boost we need in this germy world we live in.

Check these great products out!