For Galentine’s Day, Pair Wine with Chocolate

This is one of those ideas that when I read about it I really couldn’t believe that it wasn’t done more commonly. In this case, the wines of 7 Deadly Zins got together with Ghiradelli chocolate and made wine pairings with their chocolates as a special selection.

I feel like this should be a much more common idea and every single wine store I go to should have these pairings set up and ready to go. If I order the Chardonnay, I want to know what chocolate goes with it. Maybe I want extra chocolate and that’s OK and nobody should judge me for that.

If you were thinking of anything for Galentine‘s day then this is basically the combination for any of your girlfriend favorite things. I mean seriously. Who does not like wine and chocolate?

I’ve already previously was a fan of Seven Deadly Sins wine and will not deny that Ghirardelli chocolate is basically my favorite in the whole world. Now, these are pair off at a ridiculous price point and basically available even in places such as Walmart, Target and Kroger.

Now i’m concerned because I go to Walmart for essentials so often that I feel this can be a very strong distraction from the pain and suffering of shopping. At any given moment I might get lost in the moment and swayred by a few pairings of red wine and chocolate.